Additional Terms For Hosts

The following Sections also apply if you rent out your vehicle through the TRIPCAR platform:

Information Given at Registration

When you sign up for TRIPCAR, you will identify passenger vehicle(s) that you want to list for rent through the platform. Each vehicle must meet the requirements found here. You may only use the platform in connection with vehicles that you own or otherwise have all the necessary rights and permissions to rent out.

Vehicle Availability

Once a trip is booked, you must make the vehicle available or deliver the vehicle as expected by the Guest. If you offer the Guest the option to pick up your vehicle at a specified location, you must supply the location of the vehicle accurately to TRIPCAR and ensure that the vehicle is available at that location at the beginning of the rental period. In order to qualify for insurance and related protections, before you provide a prospective Guest with your vehicle, you must verify that he or she has a current, valid driver's license that matches the name on the reservation.

Trip Fees

You will have the ability to set and revise the vehicle's pricing as you choose. TRIPCAR will pay you the amount collected from those who rent your vehicle, less the applicable fees payable to TRIPCAR. A current fee schedule can be found here. To the extent you owe TRIPCAR money for any reason, TRIPCAR also reserves the right to deduct those amounts from your payment.


You understand and acknowledge that appropriate governmental agencies, departments, or authorities may take the position that you owe taxes in connection with your use of our platform. Please familiarize yourself with the applicable tax regulations and consult with your personal tax advisor.


You are required to regularly check your vehicle for any defects in its operations or safety. You promise that, at all times, your vehicle will be in safe and roadworthy condition, in good mechanical condition, and in full compliance with all applicable inspection and registration requirements. You agree to respond to any recall or similar safety notices and to complete any recommended action before allowing your vehicle to be rented. In addition, in the event that TRIPCAR believes that your vehicle does not conform to reasonable standards, TRIPCAR will notify you and reserves the right to remove or decline listing your vehicle until its concerns have been resolved. TRIPCAR may, but does not commit to, undertake efforts to ensure the safety of vehicles rented through the platform. Learn more about our vehicle eligibility requirements here.

Incident Reporting

If you believe that a Guest has caused any damage to your vehicle, you are required to report that damage as soon as you become aware of it (and in any event, no more than 24 hours after the end of reservation) and to provide reasonable cooperation in the investigation of the damage so that it can be eligible for coverage. Based on the investigation, TRIPCAR or third-party claims administrators will reasonably determine whether the damage occurred during the rental period and is eligible for coverage. If it was, you will be reimbursed for the loss as described in Sections below. If TRIPCAR is not given prompt notice as described in this paragraph, or if you do not provide reasonable cooperation in the investigation by TRIPCAR or third-party claims administrators, we may not be able to determine the cause. In that case, you agree that we may decline any financial responsibility for such damage.

Physical Damage

 During each rental period, TRIPCAR or its insurers will bear the risk of theft, destruction, or damage with respect to your vehicle, subject to the Terms of this Agreement and as described here. In the event of a loss that is covered by this Agreement, TRIPCAR will, at its option, pay you either the reasonable and actual expenses of repair of the vehicle or the actual cash value ("ACV") of your vehicle (if, for instance, the expected cost of repairs exceeds 75% of the ACV of the vehicle). For Hosts who select Premium (where available) and Standard Protection Packages, TRIPCAR will also provide a replacement vehicle while yours is being repaired or reimburse you a reasonable amount to pay for a replacement from the date of loss until the repairs are complete or, in the event of a total loss, until the earlier of the date when TRIPCAR or third-party claims administrators make the first settlement offer or the date when you replace the car. Note, if TRIPCAR or third-party claims administrators choose to pay you the ACV for your vehicle, you will be required to transfer title to the vehicle to TRIPCAR or its agent. The standard for the vehicle's ACV will be determined by TRIPCAR or its third-party claims administrators and in compliance with applicable law.

Damage Exclusions

There are some exceptions to TRIPCAR's obligations in the "Physical Damage" Section. TRIPCAR and its insurers are not responsible for any personal property, including any aftermarket installations (e.g. equipment racks) that are taken from your vehicle or damaged during a rental period. We recommend that you remove all personal property before making the vehicle available for a reservation. In addition, you should expect normal wear and tear on your vehicle, including minor scrapes and dings, in connection with your participation in the platform. TRIPCAR will not reimburse you for normal wear and tear to your vehicle other than as described here. Any protection, coverage, and/or insurance provided may be voided if you violate our Terms of Service, our Policies, and/or submit inaccurate information about your vehicle when listing it for rent through TRIPCAR (for example, falsely represent the make, model, or year of the vehicle).

Other Insurance and Legal Matters

In addition to the terms provided in the "Vehicle and Personal Protection" Section, you agree to comply with any and all applicable laws and regulations, including registration and minimum insurance requirements for your vehicle in the U.S. As part of your participation in the platform, you must maintain your own insurance policy and meet any minimum insurance levels required by law. In the US, there is personal vehicle sharing legislation that may apply to you; more information is available in our FAQs. Where permitted by law, you hereby appoint TRIPCAR as your attorney-in-fact for the purpose of filing insurance claims, receiving insurance payment, otherwise administering an applicable insurance policy, and/or working with law enforcement, Guests, or private entities to recover unreturned or impounded vehicles. You also promise to maintain registration information and proof of insurance in your vehicle during every rental period. TRIPCAR may obtain insurance through a third-party provider, or may choose to self-insure (meaning TRIPCAR takes on all or part of all the insurance obligations itself, subject to all applicable laws and regulations). You agree to provide TRIPCAR with information regarding your policy's coverage as may be requested. You must inform TRIPCAR promptly in the event information previously provided changes.


In the event of any claim for a loss or injury that occurs during the use of your car by a TRIPCAR Guest (or by TRIPCAR itself), TRIPCAR or its insurers will defend and indemnify you against such claims as required by applicable law. In connection with any indemnified claim, you are required to give TRIPCAR or its insurers prompt written notice of the claim; allow TRIPCAR sole control over the defense of the claim; and provide TRIPCAR reasonable cooperation in its defense of the claim, at TRIPCAR's expense. If TRIPCAR or its insurers reimburses you for a lost or damaged vehicle and you later receive payment for some or all of your vehicle from a third-party (e.g. a third-party insurance company or restitution), you must reimburse TRIPCAR any monies received from that third-party in an amount equivalent to, but not to exceed, the funds provided to you by TRIPCAR.

Unreturned and Stolen Vehicles

If your vehicle is not returned and/or is stolen during the rental period (or extension period), you, as the Host, must immediately contact a TRIPCAR representative and follow his or her instructions, including cooperating with TRIPCAR, the police, and any other authorities in all related to the investigation of the theft. If you are instructed by TRIPCAR to file a police report, you must do so within 24 hours of receiving those instructions.